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Design and Covid-19

Things are starting to open up in the design world, albeit slowly. Furnishings vendors are starting to opening their doors, though many by appointment only. Fabric manufacturers are seeing their product ship more quickly again. Installers are once again setting up in home appointments. Here at ANI we stayed open during the shelter in place with virtual design, and for the most part it went smoothly - thank you to those clients who took their own measurements for us! We delivered samples to front doors and walked through design boards online.

The process worked because, like many, we adapted our in person process to an online one and we learned something valuable. Design is absolutely tactile - you have to feel and touch and see fabrics, test out sofas and chairs, look at tiles and paint chips under your own lighting. But what this shelter in place has taught us is that our clients enjoy the process of thinking through ideas on their own and collaborating with us. We first thought clients would be put off by the idea of having to lay out their own colors or tile and report back with their thoughts but we were wrong. Since we couldn't be there in person to weed out the wrong choices right away, we relied on our clients to take part in the process, and they enjoyed seeing with their own eyes why some choices were right and others not.

We are starting to do in home appointments again. For the time being we will be limiting the number of appointments per day to protect our clients' families as well as our own. We will continue to do virtual design and will offer our clients the choice to do online or in person. Regardless of the choice our commitment remains to provide quality service and beautiful designs, so please give us a call for a consult!

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